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New book on Systems Science and Population Health

Book cover and Douglas Luke

A new book, Systems Science and Population Health, edited by Abdulrahman M. El-Sayed and Sandro Galea, was published this March by Oxford University Press (OUP). 

Chapter 10 is entitled Social Network analysis: the ubiquity of social networks and their importance for population health and was authored by CPHSS director Douglas A. Luke, senior data analyst Bobbi J. Carothers, and Amar Dhand of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

From the OUP website:

Comprising 17 chapters from the vanguard of population health, epidemiology, computer science, and medicine, this book offers a three-part introduction to the subject:

  • An intellectual and conceptual history of systems science as it intersects with population health
  • Concise, introductory overviews of important and emerging methodological tools in systems science, including systems dynamics, agent-based modeling, microsimulation, social network analysis, and machine-learning-all with relevant examples drawn from population health literature
  • An exploration of future implications for systems science and its applications to our understanding of population health issues

For researchers, students, and practitioners, Systems Science and Population Health redefines many of the foundational elements of how we understand population health. It should not be missed.

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