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Sustainability determinants of an intervention to identify clinical deterioration and improve childhood cancer survival in Latin American hospitals: the INSPIRE study protocol

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Bridges and Mechanisms: Integrating Systems Science Thinking into Implementation Research

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Action planning for building public health program sustainability: results from a group-randomized trial

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Connecting Clinical Capacity and Intervention Sustainability in Resource-Variable Pediatric Oncology Centers in Latin America

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Introducing SoNHR–Reporting guidelines for Social Networks In Health Research

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CritCom: assessment of quality of interdisciplinary communication around deterioration in pediatric oncologic patients

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A new measure for multi-professional medical team communication: design and methodology for multilingual measurement development

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Understanding Misimplementation in U.S. State Health Departments: An Agent-Based Model

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Using a community-informed translational model to prioritize translational benefits in youth concussion Return-to-Learn programs

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Communication Structures and Clinical Sustainability in Pediatric Antimicrobial Stewardship Teams

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Assessing the sustainability capacity of evidence-based programs in community and health settings

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Changes in Harm Perception for E-Cigarettes Among Youth in the United States, 2014–2019

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Associations of tobacco retailer density and proximity with adult tobacco use behaviours and health outcomes: a meta-analysis

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Mapping the Lay of the Land: Using Interactive Network Analytic Tools for Collaboration in Rural Cancer Prevention and Control

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Draining the tobacco swamps: Shaping the built environment to reduce tobacco retailer proximity to residents in 30 big US cities

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Public health information seeking, trust, and COVID-19 prevention behaviors: cross-sectional study

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Facilitators of Multisector Collaboration for Delivering Cancer Control Interventions in Rural Communities: A Descriptive Qualitative Study

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Tailoring dissemination of evidence to preferences of tobacco control partners: results from an academic-community partnership

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Simulating the role of knowledge brokers in policy making in state agencies: An agent-based model

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