Think of the services listed below as a series of sustainability services, all beginning with our webinar. We can tailor our services to meet your particular needs. For more information, email Kim Prewitt or click the red button to submit our Information or Services Request form.



  • Describes eight core areas of sustainability

Online Sustainability Assessment

  • Completed by staff and stakeholders from either a single program or a collection of programs
  • Available for programs of any size
  • Customizeable to meet your program’s needs
  • Provides your program with a customized Sustainability Profile Report


Sustainability Training

  • Takes place after completing Online Sustainability Assessment
  • Reviews aggregated results from the assessment
  • Discusses strengths and challenges for your program’s sustainability capacity
  • Develops an action plan and provides resources to help implement the plan

Action Planning Technical Assistance

  • Reviews you program’s sustainability scores
  • Offers feedback on action plan drafts
  • Suggests steps to carry out your plan successfully
  • Provides  ongoing technical assistance as you revise your plan to address changing environmental or financial needs (service can also include re-assessment of your program)