We provide evaluation services to organizations, non-profits, and initiatives that are working to achieve sustainable solutions to public health problems. We tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients. We use a participatory approach to evaluation and involve stakeholders in the development, implementation, and use of evaluation data and findings. Our evaluation services cover projects of all sizes, from assisting in the development of a survey instrument to conducting a comprehensive multi-year, multi-site evaluation of a large-scale program. For more information, email Todd Combs or click the red button to submit our Information or Services Request form.

Evaluation Planning

Work with people or organizations to develop evaluation plans to assess programs or policies, including:

  • Identifying measurable goals, objectives, and indicators
  • Developing logic models
  • Identifying evaluation questions
  • Conducting needs assessments
  • Identifying data collection methods
  • Creating data collection instruments
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Conducting Evaluations

Work with people or organizations to conduct mixed methods evaluations (formative, process, and outcome), including: 

  • Creating measurement tools and systems
  • Collecting and analyzing quantitative data (e.g., surveys and surveillance data)
  • Collecting and analyzing qualitative data (e.g., focus groups, key informant interviews, policies, structured observations, documents, and geographic data)
  • Synthesizing findings into actionable recommendations
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Increasing Evaluation Capactiy

Work with people and organizations to increase internal capacity to plan and conduct evaluations by providing training and technical assistance on:

  • Basics of evaluation
  • Quantitative data management and analysis approaches
  • Instrument development
  • Qualitative data collection and analysis
  • Data visualizations and charts
  • Effective communication of evaluation findings
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Communicating Evaluation Findings

Work with people and organizations to effectively communicate evaluation results, including:

  • Making compelling and user-friendly data visualizations and charts
  • Developing actionable recommendations
  • Leading interactive data interpretation sessions
  • Creating products tailored to different audiences