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CPHSS staff present at National Conference on Tobacco or Health

Speaker and panelists on stage at conference

Several CPHSS staff members had the opportunity to present at the recent National Conference on Tobacco or Health (NCTOH), held in Austin, Texas March 22-24.

Posters and presentations include:

Health Communications in Tobacco Prevention and Control
Isaiah Zoschke, Erin Foster, Stephanie Andersen, Laura Brossart, Caitlin Ashby, and Sarah Moreland-Russell

Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs User Guide Series
Stephanie Andersen, Laura Brossart, Sarah Moreland-Russell, Douglas Luke, Erin Foster, and Isaiah Zoschke

Tobacco Town: Comparing retail-focused tobacco policy impacts across contexts through computational modeling
Todd Combs, Amy Sorg, Doug Luke, Deena Brosi, Ross Hammond, Matt Kasman, William Mack-Crane, Maggie Mahoney, Kurt Ribisl, Lisa Henriksen

Program Sustainability Assessment and Planning with Statewide Tobacco Control efforts
Sarah Dexter, Kim Prewitt, Stephanie Andersen, Sarah Moreland-Russell and Melissa Martin

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