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The St. Louis City Re-Entry Community Linkages (RE-LINK) project, led by the St. Louis Integrated Health Network, aims to enhance access to social services for community re-entrants released from St. Louis City jails.

Our team at CPHSS is collaborating with the Brown School’s Evaluation Center and the Center for Social Development’s Smart Decarceration Initiative to measure progress on improvement of coordination and linkages among organizations providing services to re-entrants. Using social network analysis, we are examining the changes in levels of communication, collaboration, and referrals among provider organizations, as well as kinds of service activities on which they collaborate over the five years of intervention. Results of this evaluation have provided a baseline measurement for the first year of the project to highlight gaps in the network. Ongoing measurements will inform progress over the course of the project.

Funder: Department of Health and Human Services

Staff Contact:
Bobbi Carothers

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