Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health, 2nd ed.

Edited by Ross C. Brownson, Graham A. Colditz, and Enola K. Proctor

Chapter 10: Systems Science Methods in Dissemination and Implementation Research Lens, written by Douglas A. Luke, Alexandra B. Morshed, Virginia R. McKay, and Todd B. Combs

2018, Oxford Scholarship Online

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  • The first book of its kind: a practical text on dissemination and implementation research (D&I), the study of how scientific research is implemented in everyday life
  • Assembled and authored by the leading voices in D&I research, covering the most actionable and essential aspects of the science
  • Offers tools and methods to move research into practice and policy with greater speed and efficacy
  • Relevant to students and professionals across the sciences, health, medicine, and government

New to this Edition:

  • A fully revised and updated edition of the classic textbook
  • New or extensively revised chapters on: ethics in D&I research; models and frameworks; systems science methods; implementation strategies; adaptation in D&I science; mixed-methods evaluation; worksite D&I; and working in lower-resource countries
  • Incorporates insights from scholars working across diverse settings and populations
  • New case examples to illustrate the core principles of D&I science