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CPHSS launches new aspirecenter.org website

The new aspirecenter.org website was launched this week! The website is a product of the ASPiRE Center, an NCI-funded collaborative of tobacco control researchers, practitioners, and legal experts investigating how tobacco retailer density and innovative retail tobacco interventions impact people and communities. The new website shares current research, resources, and updates for practitioners working in retail tobacco control.

The ASPiRE Center is a collaboration among three institutions: Washington University in St. Louis (CPHSS), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Stanford University. Our center is home to the Tobacco Town research project and the Dissemination & Implementation shared resource core of the Center.

The new website features:

A special feature of the site and product of our Tobacco Town project is the Tobacco Swamps Dashboard. This interactive dashboard has maps for all 30 cities represented on the ASPiRE Community Advisory Board. Tobacco control program leaders and staff can explore the likely impact of tobacco retailer density policies in their cities. This tool can also be shared with policymakers and other stakeholders.

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