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​Tobacco Control Guides


Funder: Tobacco Control Legal Consortium
Staff Contact: Laura Brossart
Project Duration: 2012-2014

In 2014, CPHSS collaborated with the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, a program of the Public Health Law Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, to publish a series of evidence-based tobacco control guides. Topics for these guides were identified as high-priority areas by an advisory workgroup of local, state, and national experts. The guides are designed to provide tobacco control partners with practical guidance on selecting and implementing evidence-based tobacco control strategies.
The guides can help tobacco control partners:

  • Select and implement evidence-based tobacco control strategies;
  • Learn from case studies of other practitioners’ successes;
  • Provide information to stakeholders to gain support for tobacco control efforts; and
  • Identify the best tobacco control resources and tools on these topics.
Three tobacco control guides are currently available for download. ​The Policy Strategies guide provides guidance on how to work with the media, coalitions, decision makers, business owners, and communities to create smoke-free environments, increase the cost of tobacco products, and restrict access to tobacco products. The Pricing Policy guide focuses on how to implement policies that effectively raise the cost of tobacco products, such as excise tax increases, as well as other price-related policies and enforcement measures. A third guide, Point-of-Sale Strategies, provides guidance on emerging strategies to limit the sale, display, and advertising of tobacco products in the retail environment. The guides are also available on the Public Health Law Center’s website.

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