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  • Stephanie Andersen
    Project Coordinator

    Stephanie is the Project Coordinator for the Best Practices User Guides project, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The user guides are a series of "how-to" implementation guides for building effective and sustainable comprehensive state tobacco control programs. Stephanie oversees research, development, writing, and editing of all user guides and coordinates all day-to-day project activities, including serving as a primary contact for external partners. Stephanie previously worked on the evaluation of the Missouri Foundation for Health’s Healthy & Active Communities Initiative. Her interests include program evaluation, qualitative analysis, and the promotion of evidence-based research in policy and decision making.


    ​BA, Political Science, Truman State University, 2009
    MPA, Public Policy, University of Missouri Truman School of Public Affairs, 2011

  • Caren Bacon
    Project Coordinator

    Caren is the Project Coordinator for Missouri Foundation for Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Initiative (TPCI) evaluation. Her primary role is to oversee the evaluation-related activities of TPCI which involves coordinating the day to day activities, data collection, analysis, report development, and report dissemination. Her research interests include evaluation and health policy.​


    BS, Psychology, Bradley University, 2001
    MPH, Epidemiology and Behavioral Science/Health Education, Saint Louis University, 2004​

  • Colleen Barbero
    Data Analyst

    Colleen Barbero is a Data Analyst at CPHSS, working on an interagency project with the CDC to assess the evidence basis for state heart disease and stroke prevention policy and on the Raising St. Louis evaluation. She previously served as a Data Manager on the Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) evaluation. Colleen is pursuing a doctoral degree in Public Policy Analysis at Saint Louis University where she is researching the cross-border economic effects of smokefree air policies by community-level socioeconomic status.


    ​BSW, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 2003
    MPPA, Policy Research and Analysis, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 2005

  • Rachel Barth
    Senior Research Assistant

    Rachel is Senior Research Assistant for the Missouri Foundation for Health’s Healthy and Active Communities initiative evaluation. Rachel is involved in all components of the evaluation, including technical assistance, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analyses, and report development. She previously worked on research studies examining the impact of a microloan program in Haiti and the redevelopment of downtown St. Louis. Her research interests include financial capability, program evaluation, and qualitative methods.

    ​BA, Psychology, Eastern Illinois University, 2005
    MSW, Saint Louis University, 2011

  • Bobbi Carothers
    Senior Data Analyst

    Bobbi is a Senior Data Analyst for the Center.  Her current responsibility is to serve as the data analyst for several evaluations: Washington University’s Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS), the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) Big Cities Coalition, Project LAUNCH, ReThink Health Frontiers, and Transdisciplinary Research on Energetics and Cancer (TREC).  Her main tasks include development of online survey tools, analysis, as well as report and paper development.  Bobbi’s previous work includes evaluations for Communities Putting Prevention to Work; CDC National Networks for Tobacco Control and Prevention; Kids Enrollment Education Project at St. Louis Children’s Hospital; Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention, and Education; and Missouri Foundation for Health.  She has served as Adjunct Faculty for the Brown School of Social Work teaching Applied Linear Modeling.  Her research interests include applying social network analysis to public health evaluation contexts.


    ​BA, Psychology, State University of New York at Geneseo, 1997
    MA, Personality and Social Psychology, University of Rochester, 2000
    PhD, Personality and Social Psychology, University of Rochester, 2003

  • Molly Hastings
    Project Coordinator

    ​Molly is the Project Coordinator for the Sustainability Project, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Molly’s responsibilities include administering the Program Sustainability Assessment Tool (, facilitating workshops and webinars on sustainability assessment and planning, collecting and analyzing data related to sustainability planning and assessment, and providing technical assistance and training for Her research focuses on sustainability planning and implementation.


    ​BA, Psychology, Eastern Illinois University, 2009
    MS (Research), Experimental Psychology, Saint Louis University, 2011

  • Nikole Lobb Dougherty
    Project Manager

    Nikole is a Project Manager and leads evaluation activities for a number of evaluation projects within the Center, including the Missouri Foundation for Health's Healthy & Active Communities (H&AC) and For the Sake of All initiatives, as well as BJC Healthcare’s Raising St. Louis program. Nikole oversees evaluation-related and technical assistance activities with the projects, including evaluation design and planning; data collection and analysis; and report writing and dissemination. Nikole’s primary research and evaluation interests include mixed method and stakeholder involvement approaches to evaluation, data visualization, and evaluation capacity building.


    ​BA, Anthropology and Sociology, Truman State University, 1999
    MA, Applied Anthropology, California State University, Long Beach, 2004

  • Kim Prewitt
    Senior Research Assistant

    Kim is a Senior Research Assistant for the Missouri Foundation for Health’s Social Innovation for Missouri (SIM) evaluation. Her responsibilities include data collection and analysis. She also works on an interagency project with the CDC to assess the evidence base for state heart disease and stroke prevention policy. Previously, she contributed to the Missouri Tobacco Tax Campaign Evaluation. Kim’s research interests include qualitative methods and program evaluation.


    ​BA, Sociology, Missouri State University, 2001

  • Jason Roche
    Senior Research Assistant

    ​Jason is a Senior Research Assistant for the National Cancer Institute’s Point of Sale project. His primary responsibilities include qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, report writing, and dissemination. Previously, he supported the evaluation of a national program focused on implementing policy and environment changes to increase opportunities for healthy eating and active living. His research and evaluation interests include understanding and implementing policy, systems, and environment changes to support healthy behavior.


    ​BA, Communication, Saint Louis University, 2009
    MPH, Saint Louis University, 2012

  • Anne Shea
    Senior Research Assistant

    Anne is a Senior Research Assistant for the User Guide Project, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Her main responsibilities are collection and review of existing tobacco control policy research and literature, assisting in the development and layout of the user guides, and developing and maintaining the project database. In addition, Anne assists the communications staff with Center website content and updates. Anne also manages the CPHSS Twitter account. Her interests lie in advocating for multi-level public policy that positively affects low-income populations.​


    BA, Social Work, University of Pittsburgh, 2010
    MSW, Washington University in St. Louis, 2012​

  • Amy Sorg
    Senior Data Analyst

    Amy is a Senior Data Analyst for the Center. Amy is currently working on the Tobacco Retailer Modeling study, the ReThink Health Frontiers project, and a pilot study using ecological momentary assessment (EMA) methods to examine tobacco purchasing behavior. Amy also assists with statistical analysis and manuscript development for other Center projects. Her research interests include tobacco control policy, health disparities, and the application of systems science methodologies in public health.


    ​BS, Psychology, The Ohio State University, 1997
    MPH, Epidemiology, Saint Louis University, 2010

  • Heidi Walsh
    Project Coordinator

    Heidi is the Project Coordinator for the Advancing Science and Policy in the Retail Environment (ASPiRE) project. Her primary responsibilities include coordinating all day-to-day project activities, developing products for dissemination, and interviewing key tobacco control staff. Heidi has also worked on the Best Practices User Guides project, and assisted with the development of a series of Tobacco Control Guides on a variety of topics including policy, pricing strategies, and point of sale.  Her main research interests include tobacco point-of-sale policy, health equity, and preventing youth initiation of tobacco use.


    BA, Psychology, University of Missouri- St. Louis, 2003
    MPH, Dual Concentration, Health Education & Health Management/Policy, Benedictine University, 2011

  • Erin Whitham
    Senior Research Assistant

    ​Erin is the Senior Research Assistant on the Expanding Coverage Initiative evaluation. Her main responsibilities include instrument development, data collection, and database management of the health insurance literacy component of the project. She has previously worked on studies of medication-assisted treatments for opioid use disorders and addiction treatment outcomes. Her research interests include program evaluation and health insurance literacy.


    ​BA, Social Work, Seton Hall University, 2008
    MSW, Washington University in St. Louis, 2009

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